7 Ways A Vacuum Cleaner Can Help Prevent & Relieve Allergies

Anyone suffering from allergies will find dirt and dust can aggravate their symptoms. Making sure that all of the dust and hair is removed regularly is key to keeping allergies at bay. Even if you don’t have allergies at the moment, regularly vacuuming can make your home a healthier place to live in. This guide will look at 7 ways a vacuum cleaner can help prevent & relieve allergies.

Seven Ways a Vacuum Can Help Relieve Allergies

1. Cleaning Every Area of your Home

If you ever take a look behind the sofa or under the bed, you will certainly notice a collection of dust. Although it might not be easy to see the dust in these unreachable places, they can still cause problems for allergies. Moving heavy furniture may be out of the question, but a vacuum cleaner makes life much easier. It’s possible to choose a vacuum which has long extension accessories. These can be used to clean even the most inaccessible of places easily. Vacuuming under the sofa can actually make a huge difference for anyone suffering from allergies.


2. Cleans without Disturbing Dust

Dusting is the most common way of removing dust around the ceiling, however this will disturb the dust particles and make them airborne. This can create problems for anyone with allergies since they can breathe the particles in. Instead of dusting, the vacuum can be used to suck the dust away without disturbing it. A long reach accessory is a good way to vacuum around the ceiling and clean your home quickly, safely and healthily.


3. Cleaning furnishings

Although your curtains and other soft furnishings might not look like they are dusty, they are almost certainly harboring lots of microscopic dirt particles. A vacuum cleaner might be great at cleaning flooring, but it can also be used with any other soft furnishings. Using the correct attachments you can clean every piece of furniture in your home. Not only will this remove all dirt, but it is also very gentle. This ensures that no damage will be caused to your soft furnishings. Even cushions can be vacuumed off.


4. Vacuum Cleaner Bags Lock Dust away

Although bag-less vacuum cleaners might be marketed as the future of vacuum cleaners, bags are actually better. Every time you tip dust away from a bag less cleaner you are releasing small quantities into the air. The bag however can be thrown away which ensures all dust stays firmly trapped where it can cause you no harm. Vacuum cleaner bags act as an additional filter to ensure the dust cannot aggravate your airways.


5. HEPA Filters Trap More Dirt

All vacuum cleaners have a filter system to prevent as much dirt as possible from being kicked into the air. However, the best allergy vacuum cleaners use HEPA filters. These are state of the art filters capable of trapping more dirt than a standard vacuum. To work efficiently, HEPA filters will need to be replaced according to the manufacturers guidelines. A HEPA vacuum cleaner is a must for anyone with allergies.


6. Makes cleaning easier – clean more often

Vacuuming is often much easier than sweeping or dusting. For this reason it should be much easier to get into a good habit of cleaning your home more often. The more often you clean your house, the less chance dust has to build up and create an issue. As the vacuum can be used to clean virtually every surface in your home, it shouldn’t take long to finish.


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