Wall Mounted Phone – Know the Pros and Cons of Using One!

Although there are already several counts of communication devices present these days, the telephone is still considered a main medium used to connect one to the rest of the world. Despite the advancements made on other forms communication devices, the use of telephones will never be out of the scene.

Mobile phones and the Internet are two other giant communication mediums that are obviously being used for more than what they were intended to perform. However, there is no doubt that using telephones for all sort of communication oftentimes offer a lot of inconveniences in many aspects. Firstly, telephones are dependent to line connection.

Without a functional line communication is impossible. That also limits mobility. Secondly, the size of a telephone is absolutely unfit for mobile communication. Desktop telephones are the top contenders when thinking of the second concern. But have you ever thought of the benefits of using a wall mounted phone? The design of a wall mounted phone addresses many of the limitations of telephones.

Like traditional desktop phones, wall mounted phones are designed to receive calls from another line or accept in coming calls and make outgoing calls. However, you normally won’t see these phones sitting on top of your desktop, but instead they are mounted on walls.

A wall mount phone is not just suitable for a business. Thousands of households have at least a set of wall mounted phones installed on different areas of their homes. In most cases, a wall mount telephone is commonly seen in the kitchen where a desktop telephone is absolutely off limits. Placing a desktop in a kitchen can hinder some functions of a person, thus many of us do not have telephones set in our kitchen.

There are several designs of wall mount phones. You can have the ones that are made with keypads similar to what you see on many desktop phones. This type functions like other types of telephones which allow incoming and outgoing calls.

Unlike desktop phones where dropping the unit is always an issue, with a wall mounted phone there is no fear of dropping your telephone since it is securely locked to the wall. No matter how far you’ll reach with the handset you won’t be worrying about dropping the unit. The handset is also locked to the phone with a nicely designed holder that prevents it from slipping when not in use.Wall Mounted Telephone

There are also wall mounted phones that do not contain numeric keypads. This type of telephone is suitable as an extension of the main line. The mainline can either be a desktop phone or another wall mounted telephone with a numeric pad for dialing.

A phone without a keypad can still receive incoming calls, however outgoing calls is not possible. This type of wall mount phone is normally seen in business establishments such as bars, barbershops, and food chains.

Technological innovations are also made on wall mounted phones. From the traditional wired phones, a more sophisticated design of wall mount telephone can go wireless and can even have multiple extensions with wireless capabilities.

The wireless technology applied on wall mount phones is usually seen between the handset and the unit. Aside from the basic calling functions, some units are added with other features such as alarm, LED backlight, LCD screen, and a phone book.

What To Consider

Just like when purchasing a best car phone holder, it is very important to consider the design, features and make when purchasing a wall mount phone too. If you decide to go for the more classic look, then conventional telephone designs made with plastic may suit your taste. Matching your phone with the appropriate color will surely bring a good look to the place were you’ll be adding the unit.

Features of modern day telephones like wireless capabilities between the unit and the handset, timer, phone book, DSL filter, and memory are few other features that are important when opting to use the wall mounted phone for business purposes. Phones that contain these features can bear a price tag of more than a $100 as compared to an ordinary wall mounted phone, such as the AT&T phone discussed on the next page, that can come as low as $20.


AT&T Corded Wall Phone

AT&T Corded Wall PhoneThis sleek, classically designed corded wall phone from AT&T has been the phone of choice for many, many homes over the years. It is inexpensive, easy to use, simple, and space efficient.

Basically, it consists of a cradle, a phone, and a chord that connects the two together.

The cradle gets plugged into a telephone jack, and communication is accomplished in this manner. It is a tried and true product that you will be happy with, even if it is not quite as fancy as some of the more modern model styles.

The keyboard on this phone is backlit, making it possible to see the keys at night and in the dark. There is also a receiver volume control, which allows you to turn the receiver up or down as you need to.

The phone has a 32 digit redial feature, capacity for 12 memory dialing presets that can be up to 21 digits long, and a handset volume control for overall volume. To say that this phone has got all of the basics covered would be a very accurate statement!

This wall phone set weighs about one and a half pounds, is about 9 inches long, and stands almost four inches high. It is the perfect size for your bedside table, your desk, or even your living room coffee table. It is big enough to grab when it rings, but it is also small and subtle enough to not be obtrusive to your decorating.

To say it in a few short words, this phone is plain, simple, and reliable. It is a no-frills option for people who just need a phone to use. It costs less than other models, and it gives you all of the functions you need while holding back on the ones that just make use more complicated…a welcomed feature to those who do not want their phone loaded with a bunch of gadgets!


What Are The Advantages?

A wall mount phone is a phone designed to mount directly to the wall as opposed to sitting on some kind of surface. The thought behind this is that it will save you counter/desk space, while still allowing you to have your phone within easy reach.

Many people use wall mounted phones every day, and so they are becoming more and more popular. Not only do they save room and can be kept within reach, but as long as there is a phone jack nearby, you can pretty much put them anywhere. If you are planning on putting a wall mount telephone in your home, here are some things to think about.

First off, remember that wall mounted phones are not all the same. The biggest difference is whether your phone is specifically designed to be mounted to the wall. Some claim to go both ways, but these designs are not always as brilliant as they seem.

You basically want to make sure that the phone does not slip off the phone’s cradle, which can happen if the phone is not  on a cradle that is made to secure it. So, make sure that the wall mounted phone is actually designed to be mounted to the wall.

Believe it or not, many people actually try to mount regular cordless telephones to the wall that were not intended to be there…and this usually results in a broken phone ten minutes later when it falls onto the floor! So, making sure that your wall mount telephone is actually DESIGNED to be mounted to the wall is a good idea.

Next, make sure that you decide on whether or not to buy a cordless wall mounted phone. A cordless phone is pretty much good in every situation, so most people go cordlessly. They offer the ability to move about freely, they offer you the ability to switch hands easier, and they can be hung up and forgotten without the worry of someone tripping on the cord and pulling it off the wall.

The Cons

The one downside to cordless wall mounted phones is that they need electrical power to operate. Well, this is not really a downside, unless you live out in the middle of nowhere where power goes off quite a bit.

In these cases, a regular corded telephone might be better unless you have a cell you can use as a backup. Either way, the choice is yours. Cordless is usually better, but corded is always an option too.

Final Verdict

You don’t have to spend a ton of cash ordering wall mounted phone online, but you should make sure to get a good one. A phone is usually a phone, but cordless telephones do get lower quality as the prices fall…..so just use common sense and read some reviews. If a phone looks way too cheap to be any good, then it probably is. A little bit of shopping around will no hopefully reward you with a spectacular deal!

How To Install a Wall Mount Phone


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